Sherwin-Williams Company(SHW)

Current Price Entry Type
181.49 Long
Entered Price Entered Date
169.10 Wed, 13th March 2013
Stop Loss Price Gain(Loss)
152.19 7.33
Minimum Buying Price Maximum Buying Price
167.34 175.71
Exit Price Exit Date
181.49 Thu, 6th June 2013
Last Updated: Wed, 13th March 2013 21:59:00

Stock Sell Rule Projections – Position will be closed, if

Post 10% loss .i.e prices below $152.19 at anytime.
Does not post 10% gain .i.e prices $186.01 by Wednesday 05th of June 2013.
Does not post 15% gain .i.e prices $194.47 by Wednesday 03rd of July 2013.
Does not post 20% gain .i.e prices $202.92 by Wednesday 28th of August 2013.
Does not post 50% gain .i.e prices $253.65 by Wednesday 12th of March 2014.
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