Eaton Corporation plc(ETN)

Current Price Entry Type
56.41 Long
Entered Price Entered Date
62.68 Wed, 20th March 2013
Stop Loss Price Gain(Loss)
56.41 -10.00
Minimum Buying Price Maximum Buying Price
63.91 67.11
Exit Price Exit Date
56.41 Thu, 18th April 2013
Last Updated: Wed, 20th March 2013 23:39:00

Stock Sell Rule Projections – Position will be closed, if

Post 10% loss .i.e prices below $56.41 at anytime.
Does not post 10% gain .i.e prices $68.95 by Wednesday 12th of June 2013.
Does not post 15% gain .i.e prices $72.08 by Wednesday 10th of July 2013.
Does not post 20% gain .i.e prices $75.22 by Wednesday 04th of September 2013.
Does not post 50% gain .i.e prices $94.02 by Wednesday 19th of March 2014.
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